It is that time of year again when the lucky ones get to head South for warmer weather while the rest of us get to stare straight into the eyes of…Winter!!! For those of you who are fortunate enough to head South don’t forget to have your house winterized. Winterizing a home is a much cheaper option than heating the house for the Winter, it is also much safer. Many people leave the heat on to their homes through the Winter while they are away but this is NOT a safe practice because (as often happens in Maine) if the power goes out the heating system will not work. It only takes a few hours for pipes to freeze and split. Once the power comes back on the boiler will start to run and if any heat pipes have broken the boiler will just keep pumping water into the house.

We have been called to many homes where the boiler kept pumping water into a home after a power outage and the damage caused is tremendous. The poor homeowner has to find another place to stay while the walls, floors and ceilings get tore out. That is just the beginning of the problems though. Now they have to treat everything for mold, fight with insurance companies, look for lodging accommodations and replace personal items (cannot replace pictures, heirlooms, ect.)

Having a professional winterize your home or camp gives you a much greater sense of relief as we have been winterizing building for well over 30 years with great success. Our success is proven by the number of customers that have Nichols winterize their properties year after year after year. Many of our customers give us a set of keys to get into the property after they have left for the season to winterize it. When they are ready to return in the Spring they just call the office and tell them the date they will be returning. A Nichols employee will go to the property a day ahead of their arrival and get the house up and running again like it was never shut down. It’s a seamless system that has work great for many of our customers and can work well for you too.

Give us a call if you have any questions or would just like more information on what winterizing entails.