Winterization Services

Protect Your Home Through Maine's Cold Winters

Freeze and thaw cycles can damage pipes that are not properly protected. While we will gladly come and make repairs when needed, we can help prevent problems by inspecting pipe location, identifying areas that may freeze, and making corrective recommendations.

Nichols Plumbing has been winterizing houses, camps and commercial buildings for the past 30 years. When we leave the building you can be assured that there is no water left in the water lines and every trap has been treated with non-toxic heat transfer. The peace of mind know you will return to a damage free home in the Spring is well worth the phone call to Nichols plumbing the winterizing specialists.

Service You Can Trust

Nichols has customers that have been using our winterizing service for the past 30 years because we do it right. We do a large amount of properties for local real estate companies all over the State. Many of our customers give Nichols a set of keys to their property (we keep all keys in a lock box) so that they can call the office and tell them when they are leaving town. Nichols will put them on the schedule to winterize the property within a few days of their departure. The customer calls the office at Nichols again when they are ready to return and Nichols will go the the property ahead of their arrival and have the building opened up with the heat going and water ready for use like they never left.

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