Septic Pumping

The middle of winter is the worst time to have your septic system fail. Most of the time a system has not actually failed, the septic tank is just full and needs to be pumped out. The tank should be pumped out every 3 to 5 years depending on the number of people in the household and the size of the tank. If you need to have the tank pumped in the middle of winter the price could easily double or triple in price.

A 1000 gallon tank in the Bangor area typically costs about $235. People on city sewer have a quarterly bill that could run as high as $300 to $400 per quarter. If your tank is more than a couple of inches deep it will require the use of any excavator to expose the tank cover. In some cases a second excavator with a jackhammer attachment is require to get through the frost and access the cover. As you can imagine the extra equipment can quickly increase the cost. There have been some cases where a simple $235 tank pumping (spring, summer, fall) ends up costing the customer a few thousand dollars just because they had to have it done during the winter.

If you make sure to have your tank pumped on a regular basis you will prolong the life of you leach field and reduce overall cost to maintain and keep you drainage system in good working order. Take the time to save yourself a great deal of time, aggravation and MONEY, have your septic tank pumped before winter hits.

There is still time before winter sets to have your tank pumped so if you have not had your tank pumped in a few years call.