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"When others fail we succeed"

We have been cleaning, clearing, servicing, repairing and replacing sewer lines for more than 30 years in the Bangor Brewer area. We do cover the whole State. We have been asked to travel the State to help other plumbers and customer that do not have the expertise, skill, equipment or ability to correct or perform the difficult repairs. You know your the best in the business when your competitors recommend you for jobs that they are unable to complete. There is no better complement than a referral from a competitor.

Drain Services

We have four full service drain cleaning trucks fully stocked with all of the modern technology needed to be the best. Each truck is equipped with a jetter, main line snake, mini snake, closet auger, shop vac, sewer camera, locator, numerous hand tools and supplies.


Our jetters are capable of producing 3.5 gallons per minuet at 3500 psi. This allows us to clean or clear drain lines in excess of 300 feet (depending on pipe size.) We have an on-board water system containing 150 gallons of water allowing us to work in remote areas with limited access to a water supply. Often times jetters are used to thaw frozen lines in the winter but they serve a year round function and a vital tool to have on hand at any drain call.

Main Line Snake

The main line snake is designed to clear lines ranging from 1-1/2" to 6" pipe. We use the main snake to perform annual line maintenance (cut and remove roots) and clear blockages. They are a great tool to remove or break down debris that either grows into the line (roots) or is inadvertently introduced into the pipe (grease, child's toy, jewelry, ect.) Main line snakes are capable of reach 300 into a pipe and clearing the blockage but more often than not the blockage is within 100 feet.


Nichols has built up a great deal of earth working equipment as well in an effort to better serve our customers. Many times Nichols identifies an issue with a sewer or water line that requires immediate attention however finding an excavation crew that is readily available is quite difficult. Nichols does not want to see any of its customers (new or longstanding) suffer without the use of the house do to a damage water or sewer lines therefor Nichols bought an excavator and hired an operator. Now we are able to repair or replace damaged water and sewer lines within a day (with an emergency dig safe). If it is not an emergence Nichols will mark the property for dig safe and begin excavation within a few days.

Misc hand tools

Each truck is stocked with a large variety of assorted hand tools because you never know what you are going to need to get the job done. We care drills, impact drivers, saws, lights, hammers, chisels, rakes, shovels, protective equipment, shop vac's, wrenches, pliers, sockets, pumps, multi meters, electrical testers, and much much more. We will get the job done period.

Mini Snake

the mini snake is used to clear small diameter pipe. It has a shorter, small cable which only allows for clearing a line out about 75 feet. It is most often used for kitchen or lavatory skin drains and shower drains.

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