Septic & Sewer Services

Let us help flush aways your worries

In a commitment to always have the best, most current technology Nichols Plumbing constantly searches for better, cheaper, faster, less invasive methods to assist our customers. Add the latest technology with highly trained and educated technicians and you have a formula for success.

Septic Inspections

When you buy a house please make sure to have a septic or sewer inspection. So many people buy houses with out having this inspection and find out after the fact that the system is bad and needs to be replaced. The cost could run anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. Please have the inspection. An inspection only costs about $125.00 but look how much it could save you.

Pipe Lining

Nichols Plumbing was the first plumbing company to bring pipe lining to the State of Maine. Nichols has installed thousands of feet of liner saved their customers money and piece of mind. Lining typically runs about 1/2 to 2/3 the price of conventional digging and is way less intrusive. There is virtually no mess. The customer gets to keep their walkway, tree, bushes or building as there is NO digging involved. You lawn will not be dug up or your new paved driveway will not be damaged with heavy digging equipment. Many times Nichols is able to re-line the drainage pipe without the neighbors even knowing.

The liner has the same properties as schedule 40 PVC pipe with one major advantage it is one solid piece, there are no seams or joints to worry about unlike PVC that has a joint at each coupling and two joints at each fitting that can leak, break or separate. Much more information about this product and procedure can be found by going to

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is the latest technology in underground pipe replacement. Nichols Plumbing is always looking for fast, cheaper, less invasive ways to service our customers needs. With that in mind Nichols researched, trained and brought to this area pipe bursting technology. Nichols Plumbing is now able to replace underground utilities without digging up your lawn, driveway or walkway. Pipe bursting is a technique that uses a ram head that is attached to a cable and pulled through the existing pipe (3/4" to 10"). The bursting head can be pulled through any type of pipe clay, cast iron, pvc, galvanized or transite. The bursting head has SDR17 PVC pipe attached to it and is pulled though the hole left by the bursting head being pulled through the existing pipe. You can pull any size pipe through any size pipe allowing Nichols to either increase or decrease the pipe size.

Pipe bursting is a great application for buildings that have old galvanized water main services. Galvanized water mains reduce water pressure to the point where almost no water comes out of the fixtures when they are used. The only way to fix the issue is to have a new water service installed. The only method to install a new water main has always been digging up your yard and making a huge mess. Now that Nichols Plumbing has brought pipe bursting to the area we have a new method at our disposal that is much less invasive in way cleaner.

Pipe bursting is also a great method to use when pipes run under a driveway, roadway, across neighboring land, under pavement or concrete, under a tree or just to increase an existing service.

Blocked Pipelines

Do you have a blocked pipeline in your home or business or is there more significant damage? A plumbing contractor can help make that determination by using a miniature camera that can be fed into the pipeline to get a real-time look at the problem.

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