Do It Yourself

Sometimes it’s worth doing it yourself, other times you are just better off hiring a professional. A big part of what makes professionals so proficient (aside from trade knowledge and experience) are the tools they carry. Take the extra time to find the right tools for the job you want to take on. Each job has a particular tool specifically designed to help make the job easier. You can often find generic tools at the big box stores and don’t be afraid to ask the sales staff for a quick lesson on how the tool works. They often will know little tricks to help you but if you do not ask they will not feel the need to tell you them.

When tackling any plumbing repair make sure to know where the main water shut off is BEFORE you start the project. Once you have found the shut off test it to make sure it is working just in case you actually do need it to prevent your house from flooding. Most all fixtures have additional valves to isolate individual hot and cold supply lines. By code each fixtures is required to have isolation valves located on the same floor as the fixture. Before attempting to change any fixture make sure you have shut off each isolation valve. Once you have the valves closed you should have no issue changing out your own faucet (a basin wrench will make the job much easier.) Once the new fixture has been installed make sure to open the isolation valves and test you faucet.

Not all projects are do it yourselfers and often you can save yourself money, time and aggravation by calling in the professionals. We are always here to help.